World of Warcraft: Classic
  • World of Warcraft: Classic
    1x Experience Rate
    1x Reputation Rate
    1x Honor Rate
  • Official Vanilla server from Blizzard
Non-Game Info

World of Warcraft: Classic is a Vanilla server officially owned and created by Blizzard Entertainment. It was announced on November 3, 2017 with no current release date announced. It is possible that servers will exist in the same regions as live servers: United States (including Latin America and Brazil), Europe, Asia, and Oceanic.

It is announced to have no Dungeon Finder tools or cross-realm zones like on the live game.

It is unknown if the server will progress through the expansions.

Custom content

World of Warcraft: Classic will have various bugfixes to remove bugs and exploits that exist in 1.12.1.

What we know so far A frequently asked questions (FAQ) thread can be found here regarding what official details we know about Classic so far (content release plan, client details, mechanics returning etc.)

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