Vanilla WoW Wiki

So today ends day 1 of the Vanilla WoWWiki. There's still plenty to do, and no end in sight. One thing of note is that there's a lot of non-Vanilla content on the Wiki at this moment in time; this will change over time and non-Vanilla content will get deleted but until then, just bear with it. During the day today I may do some additional edits, such as editing the bonuses on set items.

Garrosh Hellscream was already deleted earlier; most satisfying of deletions, I must say. Over time there will be more edits and content posts, of course. This is the first step on a much longer journey, and as all first steps, it had to start relatively small. I've imported the link system for WoWPedia, and I'd like to thank them for providing it. Using this makes for a far less clunky way to browse various pages.

Over time there will possibly be enhancements specific to VWW; because we're not a generic site, we can focus on Vanilla specific content and thus provide enhancements in relation. I'll post up combat formulas soon, it's a page I'm going to have to write from scratch as it's not exactly provided in any one material reference on any WoW site. The data does exist, and I've calculated the formulas myself in the past.

So yeah, day 1 is over unofficially (there's always more to be done) on my end, but hopefully we'll get other editors soon who might contribute and pitch in to make things go faster. No images, honestly I'm absolutely terrible at figuring out what to post as images, and the best I could figure was this photo of the day 1 snapshot.