Emhilradim Emhilradim 10 April 2015

3 years later...

Well, I'm posting this news here to let people know that no, I did not abandon the wiki, though at some point I did start getting annoyed with the sheer volume of email that I receive. So I started ignoring email that told me every time a page got edited. Bad form, because obviously this project would have been done a couple years ago had I not started turning a blind eye to it. Sorry.

Really not much of a news post.

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Emhilradim Emhilradim 8 May 2013

Work in progress, as always

So it's evident from the activity of the Wiki that not a lot of edits go on all the time, and there is a reason for this. The primary part of it pertains to work on pruning content that doesn't belong. There are over 6,000 pages on the Wiki. Most of those 6,000+ are either not vanilla or require revising to once again reflect their vanilla variables.

Because of the arduous chore of actually clicking the random button all day long, a lot of the times the wiki goes unedited for days or even as long as weeks. I do get around to it, but it's tough to sit there all day looking for articles to delete.

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Emhilradim Emhilradim 8 January 2013


Recently had an unregistered user come onto the wiki and vandalize the front page and a server page; quickly rolled back their edits (do they not realize how MediaWiki software works?) and banned for a full year. This wiki's purpose needs no justification, but all the same, the purpose of this wiki is to provide a chronicle of content pertaining to version Patch 1.1.0 up to Patch 1.12.1/Patch 1.12.2.

Because the game was so heavily changed by The Burning Crusade, and so much was removed by Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, and Mists of Pandaria, this is meant both as an information source for those who wish to know about Classic WoW, as well as an archive.

Further this wiki does not seek to compete with (how can a wiki do that?) or displace…

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Emhilradim Emhilradim 22 December 2012

Big overhaul, more friendly interface

So while the old WoWWiki/WoWPedia interface was nice and all, it was decidedly clunky and a bit dull. In order to promote better navigability steps have been taken to promote more friendly interfaces. Rather than have class guides on a bunch of pages that you have to go looking for, the League of Legends Wiki provided an example interface on how to go about it. In order to help new players identify which classes they want to play, I also used their gradient bars system to help lay out information about the classes.

Thanks League of Legends Wiki, even if none of them read this I'd still rather thank them than not, and give credit where it's due. Likewise I'd like to extend a thanks to WoWPedia/WoWWiki for providing information (and many o…

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Emhilradim Emhilradim 13 October 2012

Day 1 - Setup

So today ends day 1 of the Vanilla WoWWiki. There's still plenty to do, and no end in sight. One thing of note is that there's a lot of non-Vanilla content on the Wiki at this moment in time; this will change over time and non-Vanilla content will get deleted but until then, just bear with it. During the day today I may do some additional edits, such as editing the bonuses on set items.

Garrosh Hellscream was already deleted earlier; most satisfying of deletions, I must say. Over time there will be more edits and content posts, of course. This is the first step on a much longer journey, and as all first steps, it had to start relatively small. I've imported the link system for WoWPedia, and I'd like to thank them for providing it. Using …

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