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Turn Evil
Spell holy turnundead.png
  • Turn Evil
  • 20 yards  range
  • N/A cooldown
  • 9% of base mana
  • 1.5 sec cast
  • The targeted undead or demon enemy will be compelled to flee for up to 20 sec. Damage caused may interrupt the effect. Only one target can be turned at a time.
Usable by
TypeDefensive, Utility
Other information
Related debuff
Spell holy turnundead.png
  • Magic
  • Turn Evil
  • Compelled to flee.
  • Duration: 20 sec
"The presence of the Light is enough to make any evil, whether they be one of the Scourge or even the Burning Legion, flee in terror."

Turn Evil affects both Undead and Demon targets. This ability was introduced in the 2.4 patch to replace Turn Undead. While limited to only 2 of the different types of creatures in game, this ability is the only real form of crowd control given to paladins.

Rank Level Cost
1 24 50s


Glyph of Turn Evil


  • Turn Evil is subject to diminishing returns, and lasts 10 seconds in PvP.
  • Counts as a fear effect.

Patch changes

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