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Travel in the World of Warcraft is a daily concern, and for obvious reasons. Traveling between continents, or even between zones eats up time, and the longer something takes, the more time it takes up. Thus knowing the fastest routes between zones, or even the fastest routes between two locations on two separate continents can save the player valuable time.

The Continents

There are two continents in classic World of Warcraft, they are Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms.


A mostly unsettled land, and the home terrain for the majority of the horde. They are clustered close together, with the tauren city of Thunderbluff, and the orc and troll city of Orgrimmar being a stone's throw away from each other across the horde zone known as the Barrens. The alliance on the other hand has their own foothold on this continent in the form of Darnassus, which is atop the world tree known as Teldrassil. Here the night elves have kept a silent vigil for over 10,000 years. Both factions remain on the northern end of Kalimdor within proximity to the World Tree.

To the south of the alliance and horde cities lies an unsettled and dangerous sequence of lands. The verdant jungle known as Feralas, the demonically dessicated Desolace, and the barren mountains known as the Thousand Needles. Even further to the south the Goblins of the Steamweedle Cartel have founded the goblin tekmaturgical city known as Gadgetzan near the Caverns of Time, the home of the Bronze Dragonflight. To the west is an untouched completely preserved land known as Un'Goro Crater, where ancient beasts known as Devilsaurs and Raptors roam freely next to semi-sentient blobs of protoplasm, Oozes.

In the south-west corner of this continent lays a place meant for no mortal to tread, a magical prison created by the Titans known as Silithus. Here ancient titan artifacts hover over the landscape, holding the Qiraji at bay around their master the imprisoned old god known as C'thun, a terrible god of madness. It was only recently that the Cenarion Circle became aware of C'Thun's existence, tipped off by archaeological findings from Brann Bonzebeard the brother of Magni Bronzebeard (King of Ironforge).

It is here that ancient Qiraji constructs have recently begun to wander the deserts once more, awoken by the now-ended hibernation of C'thun.

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