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  • Thick Leather
  • Item Level 40Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Sell Price: 3s
  • Vendor 12s


This item can be purchased for 12s from Lhara <Darkmoon Faire Exotic Goods> in Terokkar Forest,Mulgore, and Elwynn Forest whenever the Darkmoon Faire is in the zone.

This item is a quest reward from H [37] Catch of the Dayω τ δ ϖ.

This item can be obtained through the Skinning profession on level 40-50 mobs. Reliable sources include:

  • Lvl. 48+: Southeast to east of Un'Goro Crater. The raptors range from levels 48-51.
  • Lvl. 50-51/60-61: Unbeknowest to most players the Alterac Rams and Frostwolf Howlers in Alterac Valley are skinnable once killed and looted. Most of the time they will drop Thick Leather.

The Sprite Darters in the area of the Grimtotem Compound in Feralas have almost a 100% drop rate for Thick Leather.

Thick Leather as a quest objective

This item is an objective for the following quests:

  • H [45] Wild Leather Armor (Horde)ω τ δ ϖ
  • H [60] The Horde Needs Thick Leather!ω τ δ ϖ
  • H [60] The Horde Needs More Thick Leather!ω τ δ ϖ
  • A [60] The Alliance Needs Thick Leather!ω τ δ ϖ
  • A [60] The Alliance Needs More Thick Leather!ω τ δ ϖ
  • A [45] Wild Leather Armor (Alliance)ω τ δ ϖ

As an Ingredient

Thick Leather is used in the following recipes:


  • [Big Black Mace]
  • Blight
  • [Blue Glittering Axe]
  • [Ebon Shiv]
  • [Heavy Mithril Boots]
  • [Mithril Scale Shoulders]
  • [Ornate Mithril Boots]
  • [Ornate Mithril Shoulder]
  • [Phantom Blade]
  • [Runed Mithril Hammer]
  • [The Shatterer]
  • [Truesilver Champion]
  • [Wicked Mithril Blade]



  • [Big Voodoo Cloak]
  • [Big Voodoo Mask]
  • [Big Voodoo Pants]
  • [Big Voodoo Robe]
  • [Dragonscale Breastplate]
  • [Dragonscale Gauntlets]
  • [Feathered Breastplate]
  • [Gauntlets of the Sea]
  • [Helm of Fire]
  • [Nightscape Boots]
  • [Nightscape Headband]
  • [Nightscape Pants]
  • [Nightscape Shoulders]
  • [Nightscape Tunic]
  • [Quickdraw Quiver]
  • [Rugged Leather]
  • [Shadowskin Gloves]
  • [Thick Armor Kit]
  • [Thick Leather Ammo Pouch]
  • [Tough Scorpid Boots]
  • [Tough Scorpid Bracers]
  • [Tough Scorpid Breastplate]
  • [Tough Scorpid Gloves]
  • [Tough Scorpid Helm]
  • [Tough Scorpid Leggings]
  • [Tough Scorpid Shoulders]
  • [Turtle Scale Bracers]
  • [Turtle Scale Breastplate]
  • [Turtle Scale Gloves]
  • [Turtle Scale Helm]
  • [Turtle Scale Leggings]
  • [Wild Leather Boots]
  • [Wild Leather Cloak]
  • [Wild Leather Helmet]
  • [Wild Leather Leggings]
  • [Wild Leather Shoulders]
  • [Wild Leather Vest]
  • [Wolfshead Helm]


  • [Black Mageweave Boots]
  • [Cindercloth Boots]
  • [Crimson Silk Gloves]
  • [Shadoweave Boots]

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