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==Unique Creatures==
==Unique Creatures==
*[ Oakenscowl] Level 9 (Elite)
*[ Oakenscowl] Level 9 (Elite)
*[[Ursal the Mauler]] Level 12
*[ Greenpaw] Level 10
*[ Greenpaw] Level 10

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Teldrassil is the Night Elf  starting zone and is an island off the north of the continent Kalimdor . Teldrassil houses the city of Darnassus , the Night Elf capital. Teldrassil is actually the name for the second World Tree, planted by Fandral Staghelm, and all of the zones within Teldrassil lie within its mighty branches.


The following locations can be found in Teldrassil:

  1. Shadowglen
  2. Starbreeze Village
  3. Dolanaar
  4. Lake Al'Ameth
  5. Ban'ethil Hollow
  6. Ban'ethil Barrow Den
  7. Pools of Arlithrien
  8. The Oracle Glade
  9. Wellspring Lake
  10. Gnarlpine Hold
  11. Darnassus


Creatures found in Teldrassil include:

Unique Creatures