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Stones are simple mineral items usually gathered from mineral veins or deposits and often usable as an ingredient for professions (usually blacksmithing, or engineering). Stones are also a drop from earth elementals, fire elementals, and infernals, corresponding in quality to the mob's level.

Mineable stones

Five types of stone, in order of skill level required to manipulate:

  • Rough Stone - Copper Veins
  • Coarse Stone - Tin and Silver Veins
  • Heavy Stone - Iron Deposits
  • Solid stone - Mithril Deposits
  • Dense stone - Thorium Veins

Uses for stone

From each stone can be made the correspondent blasting powder (with engineering); and the correspondent grinding stone, sharpening stone, and weightstone (with blacksmithing).

Other Stone Related Items

  • Smooth Stone Chip
  • Shiny Polished Stone
  • Jagged Piece of Stone
  • Lifeless Stone
  • Runic Stone
  • Black Stone
  • Crystalized Stone Chips
  • Crystalized Stone