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Starting areas are where players begin the game in World of Warcraft as level one characters, based on their selection of race. Players are more or less free to travel wherever they want from the starting location, but it is generally recommended that one complete the character — and race-specific — quests in and around the character's starting location.

All starting areas have one small village, outpost, or town with trainers for all classes and are available to the race(s) that controls the area. There are no profession trainers or inns in starting areas; however, when a starting player first uses his Hearthstone, he is teleported back to the main settlement in the area. Once the player changes where his hearthstone is set, he cannot change it back to the starting area. The second expansion features a new zone where death knights start in. New Death Knights do not actually begin in the Eastern Plaguelands, instead, they begin in an instance which strongly resembles the Eastern Plaguelands.

Though all starting areas are protected by level 65 guards, there is no real need for them, as quest givers in starting areas are not flagged for PvP and may not be killed by enemy players, even on PvP servers. This is likely intentionally done by Blizzard to prevent enemy players from killing beginning quest givers and preventing new characters from playing the game.

See Starting areas category for a list of player starting areas.

Starting areas
Race Zone Area Settlement Second town
Dwarf Dun Morogh Coldridge Valley Anvilmar Kharanos
Gnome Dun Morogh Coldridge Valley Anvilmar Kharanos
Human Elwynn Forest Northshire Valley Northshire Abbey Goldshire
Night elf Teldrassil Shadowglen Aldrassil Dolanaar
Draenei BC Azuremyst Isle Ammen Vale Crash Site Azure Watch
Worgen Cataclysm Gilneas Gilneas City Military District Duskhaven
Forsaken Tirisfal Glades Deathknell Deathknell Brill
Orc Durotar Valley of Trials The Den Razor Hill
Troll Durotar Darkspear Isle Echo Isles Razor Hill
Tauren Mulgore Red Cloud Mesa Camp Narache Bloodhoof Village
Blood elf BC Eversong Woods Sunstrider Isle The Sunspire Falconwing Square/Fairbreeze Village/None
Goblin Cataclysm Kezan Kezan KTC Headquarters Town-in-a-Box (Lost Isles)
Death knight Wrath Scarlet Enclave Acherus: The Ebon Hold Acherus: The Ebon Hold None

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