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A stance is a position that a character can occupy that enables or disables certain abilities. Stances most commonly refer to warrior stances. In macros and some action bar add-ons, a stance also refers to forms that non-warrior classes can take, such as Stealth, Shadowform, and Moonkin Form. "Form" is a synonym for "stance" in macros. They function exactly the same. This should be in the form "stance:<number>; for example "/cast [stance:1] Demoralizing Roar" or "/cast [nostance:1] dash". Also can be combined as in the reset command in /castsequence e.g. "nostance:1/3" where the slash means "OR"

Suitable method: /cast [form:1/3]defensive stance - Warrior's always have a stance.

Suitable method: /cast [form:0/1/2,nocombat]flight form - Druid's have a no stance number.

Macro Stance Numbers

Warrior Druid Priest Rogue Shaman Warlock
Stance 1 Battle Bear or Dire Bear Shadowform or
Spirit of Redemption
Stealth Ghost Wolf
Stance 2 Defensive Aquatic Demon Form
Stance 3 Berserker Cat Shadow Dance
Stance 4 Travel
Stance 5 Moonkin or Tree of Life
Stance 6 Flight or Swift Flight

Excluding warriors, "nostance" in macros refers to your default form. As with all modifiers, any form of this modifier may be preceded by number.

If a priest has both Shadowform and Spirit of Redemption, Stance 2 is Spirit of Redemption.

If a druid does not have the talent for Moonkin nor Tree of Life, Stance 5 is Flight Form or Swift Flight Form.

Note that a druid can have only one of Moonkin or Tree of Life talent at this time. Tree of Life Form is a 41 point investment in the Restoration Druid talent tree. Moonkin Form is a 31 point investment in the Balance Druid talent tree. At level 80, a character is able to have 71 talent points. This is one short of allowing both of the forms to be taken.

Warrior stances

Some warrior abilities require a specific stance. For example, Intercept only works in Berserker Stance. Changing stance will cause a warrior to lose all their rage. At level 58, warriors can train Stance Mastery from any warrior trainer, which lets them retain 25 rage. This can be further increased by an additional 50 rage with two points in Tactical Mastery.

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