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A Skinning Knife allows the player to skin the bodies of dead beasts, dragonkin, silithids, and (rarely) critters or humanoids to obtain leather, hides, dragonscales, scales, and silithid carapaces or chitin (Heavy Silithid Carapace, Light Silithid Carapace, and Silithid Chitin). Sheep sometimes yield Inv fabric wool 01.png [Wool Cloth].

"Skinning knife" is also the name for general skinning tools.


This item is sold by most trade goods vendors worldwide.


Although this item can be equipped as a weapon, it does not count as a weapon for abilities that would normally require one, such as Heroic Strike and Sinister Strike.

Finkle's Skinner and Zulian Slicer both give +10 skinning skill.

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