Sentry Totem
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  • Sentry Totem
  • 2% of base mana
  • Instant cast
  • Summons an immobile Sentry Totem with 100 health at your feet for 5 min that allows vision of nearby area and warns of enemies that attack it. Right-Click on buff to switch back and forth between totem sight and shaman sight.
Usable by
CooldownNone/Global Cooldown
Mental Quickness, Totemic Focus
Other information
Related buff
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  • Sentry Totem
  • Allows vision through Sentry Totem. Right-Click on buff to switch back and forth between totem sight and shaman sight.

Sentry Totem is a totem that allows the shaman to keep track of what's happening at the totem's location.

Rank table

Rank Level Cost
1 34 81s


Sentry Totem is an Air totem, and thus cannot be used at the same time as another air totem. While it has slightly more hit points than other shaman totems, it is still easily targeted and destroyed. As long as the totem is 'alive', the shaman receives a buff that when right clicked switches back and forth between seeing what the totem sees. The buff provides no actual benefits in combat, and is purely for switching viewpoint.

Since a shaman can already use Far Sight to keep track of things happening far away, the totem's main uses are indoors where Far Sight may not be used, and as a simple "early warning" system hoping that any enemy that finds it will destroy it.

Talent improvement

Totemic Focus reduces the casting cost of the totem by 25%. Mental Quickness reduces the casting cost by 6%.

Tips and tactics

  • Sentry Totem is popular when taking screenshots, especially boss kill pictures in raid instances, as it allows the 'camera' to be placed anywhere relative to the shaman. This lets the shaman pose along with everyone else while still allowing the best possible camera angle to be used.
  • The totem is highly useful in Warsong Gulch and when defending towers and bunkers in Alterac Valley, as the totem can be placed at an entrance, and anyone who finds it will generally attack and destroy it, warning the shaman of their presence.

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