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  • Rugged Leather
  • Item Level 50Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Sell Price: 5s
  • Vendor 20s

Rugged Leather is used mainly by Leatherworkers to create various leather armor.


Rugged Leather is the last stage of non-Outland leather skinned directly from normal monsters(lvl 55-60). Leatherworkers with 250 skill can create a Rugged Leather from six Thick Leathers.

Good locations to farm rugged leather include:

  • Fungal Rock[63.8, 16.4]
    in Un'Goro Crater, killing the Un'Goro Gorillas
  • Ice Thistle Hills[67, 55.8]
    in Winterspring, killing Ice Thistle Yetis in and around the cave; bears and chimaera can also be killed to the north
  • Dark Portal[52.8, 43.4]
    in Blasted Lands, killing the Felhounds around the crater. They also have a small chance of dropping Imperfect Draenethyst Fragments, which start the repeatable quest One Draenei's Junk....

see also: Places to farm

As an Ingredient

Rugged Leather is used in the following recipes:


  • Corruption (Sword)
  • Dawn's Edge
  • Enchanted Battlehammer
  • Huge Thorium Battleaxe
  • Imperial Plate Belt
  • Imperial Plate Shoulders
  • Ornate Thorium Handaxe
  • Thorium Boots
  • Volcanic Hammer




  • Black Dragonscale Breastplate
  • Black Dragonscale Leggings
  • Black Dragonscale Shoulders
  • Blue Dragonscale Breastplate
  • Blue Dragonscale Leggings
  • Blue Dragonscale Shoulders
  • Chimeric Boots
  • Chimeric Gloves
  • Chimeric Leggings
  • Chimeric Vest
  • Chromatic Cloak
  • Dawn Treaders
  • Devilsaur Gauntlets
  • Devilsaur Leggings
  • Frostsaber Boots
  • Frostsaber Gloves
  • Frostsaber Leggings
  • Frostsaber Tunic
  • Girdle of Insight
  • Green Dragonscale Breastplate
  • Green Dragonscale Gauntlets
  • Green Dragonscale Leggings
  • Heavy Scorpid Belt
  • Heavy Scorpid Bracers
  • Heavy Scorpid Gauntlet
  • Heavy Scorpid Helm
  • Heavy Scorpid Leggings
  • Heavy Scorpid Shoulders
  • Heavy Scorpid Vest
  • Hide of the Wild
  • Ironfeather Breastplate
  • Ironfeather Shoulders
  • Living Breastplate
  • Living Leggings
  • Living Shoulders
  • Might of the Timbermaw
  • Mongoose Boots
  • Red Dragonscale Breastplate
  • Rugged Armor Kit
  • Runic Leather Armor
  • Runic Leather Belt
  • Runic Leather Bracers
  • Runic Leather Gauntlets
  • Runic Leather Headband
  • Runic Leather Pants
  • Runic Leather Shoulders
  • Shifting Cloak
  • Stormshroud Armor
  • Stormshroud Pants
  • Stormshroud Shoulders
  • Swift Flight Bracers
  • Volcanic Breastplate
  • Volcanic Leggings
  • Volcanic Shoulders
  • Warbear Harness
  • Warbear Woolies
  • Wicked Leather Armor
  • Wicked Leather Belt
  • Wicked Leather Bracers
  • Wicked Leather Gauntlets
  • Wicked Leather Headband
  • Wicked Leather Pants


  • Felcloth Boots
  • Felcloth Shoulders
  • Runecloth Bag
  • Runecloth Boots
  • Runecloth Gloves
  • Runecloth Shoulders
  • Soul Pouch

Patch changes

Patch 1.3.0 (patch date:2005-03-07): There is now a recipe at leatherworking trainers that allows thick leather to be turned into rugged leather. 

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