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Root effects are a form of crowd control which cause the victim to be locked in place, unable to move. Root effects are often known as immobilize effects in-game. A root effect differs from a stun effect in that the target is still able to use abilities, spells or melee/ranged attacks, but cannot move from its location as long as the effect is active.

Examples of abilities and procs that can root opponents:

Although the Death Knight's Chains of Ice ability may look like a root effect, it only acts to slow the target by 95%. This effect may not, then, be removed with root dispels (see below).

If a mob with no ranged attacks is rooted from range, it will be unable to attack its current aggro target. However, if players are standing in melee range, it will attack the player that has the highest threat level. Thus, it is not wise to stand near a rooted mob, or root one within a crowd of players without prior warning.


Items which can dispel root effects:

Class and race abilities which can dispel root effects:

  • Human: Can use Every Man for Himself to remove all movement impairing effects (which includes immobilize effects).
  • Hunter: Pets under the Bestial Wrath talent are immune to root effects. Master's Call will also remove all roots and snares.
  • Paladin: Can apply a Blessing of Freedom, providing a brief immunity to root effects.
  • Mage: Can use Blink to free themselves from root effects.
  • Rogue: With the Tier 9 Subtlety talent Shadowstep can use it to remove root effects.
  • Warrior: With the Tier 9 Protection talent Warbringer can use Intervene (level 70) to free themselves from root effects, and move towards a potential target.
  • Gnome: Can use Escape Artist to free themselves from root effects.
  • Druid: Can Shapeshift to free themselves from root effects.