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To generate a random number in a particular range (usually 1 - 100) by players vying for an looted item or chest.

In World of Warcraft, most players would generate a random number using the Slash Command:

/random [[<lower>-]<upper>]


/roll [[<lower>-]<upper>]

The number <#> denotes the range of numbers to pick randomly from. This can be a range (two numbers separated by a "&dash;"), or a single number. If a single number is given, 1 will be used as lower bound and the number as the higher, if no numbers are given at all 1-100 is assumed. Examples:

  • "/roll 1337-1337" will result in rolling the number 1337,
  • "/random 20" returns a number from 1 to 20 (inclusive),
  • "/roll" yields a result between 1 and 100.

In a group or party, rolling is involuntary depending on the loot options.

Voluntary Rolling

Example scenario:

  1. Player 1: "Hey, I see a chest!"
  2. Player 2: "Okay, let's roll for it."
  3. Player 3: /random 100
    System Message: Player 3 rolled a 3 of 100.
  4. Player 3: "I guess I don't get to open it... :-("
  5. Player 1: /rand 100
    System Message: Player 1 rolled a 97 of 100.
  6. Player 1: "W00t!"
  7. Player 2: "Hold on, cowboy..."
  8. Player 2: /roll
    System Message: Player 2 rolled a 56 of 100.
  9. Player 2: "Darn, roll hack! ;-)"
  10. Player 1 opens the chest and loots its contents... but being nice, gives stuff not needed or can't use to the other players...
  11. Player 2: "Sweet"
  12. Player 3: "Thx"

Blizzard claims that there is no such thing as roll hacks.

When you are the one who has rolled, it says You instead of your character's name.

Involuntary Rolling

See Looting While In A Party.