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Ring refers to a type of armor worn in the finger equipment slot. Rings are also called band, seal, signet, and other references.

Jewelcrafters can make certain types of rings from Metals and minerals, such as the Golden Ring of Power. There are a few rings, available from vendors, that have no usable attributes and are merely for collecting.

Higher-level (360+) Enchantments are available for rings, however it is only a self-enchant and is non-transferable (you can't use the enchant on an [Enchanting Vellum]. Once a ring is enchanted, it will become soulbound to the enchanter if it isn't already.


  • Some NPCs wear rings on their ear(s) and/or nose.
  • You cannot equip two of the same name/type rings.
    • Exceptions to this are rings that can be purchased with Honor Points at different levels, such as Protector's Band, which can be double-equipped provided that they are different levels, e.g., Protector's Band (level 38) at level 38 and Protector's Band (level 28) at level 28.

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