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  • Resurrection Sickness
  • Decreases all attributes by 75% and all damage caused by 75%. You are currently worth no honor points to the enemy.
  • Duration: 10 min

You gain this debuff every time you resurrect at the Spirit Healer.

Level specific effects

Duration varies by level:[citation needed]

  • Characters level 10 and under will NOT gain resurrection sickness.
  • Characters level 11-19 will gain one minute of resurrection sickness for each level above 10 (i.e. a level 15 character will get 5 minutes).
  • Characters level 20 and up will gain 10 minutes of resurrection sickness.


  • The attribute decrease only affects your base stats, not your total stats.
  • Pet damage is not reduced by resurrection sickness. Neither is your ability to heal, except for the part that is affected by stat reduction.
  • Unlike other debuffs, this won't get off the character while you are logged out.
  • Persists through arena.

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