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Resources are a part of the game world that a player character can loot by gathering or harvesting for raw ingredient items usable by professions or items required by quests.

Examples of resources:

  • Herb plants (gathered with Herbalism).
  • Mineral veins or deposits (gathered with Mining).
  • Skinnable corpses (gathered with Skinning).
  • Fish-able bodies of water (gathered with Fishing).
  • Fishing pools, such as Schools of Fish, in bodies of water (gathered with Fishing).
  • Gas clouds, which can be harvested by engineers using the [Zapthrottle Mote Extractor] for motes or crystallized ingredients.
  • Quest based nodes (Gaea Seeds, Shellfish Traps, Incendia Agave Plants, etc.)

Resource systems

Each class has a "resource system" which is used to power its abilities; for example, rogues use Energy. See Category:Resource systems.