Resilience is a character attribute that reduces all damage taken from players and their pets or minions. This is the bread and butter PvP stat. The reduction has no effect on the damage taken from mobs.

Characters have no innate resilience. It can only be gained through external sources, e.g. equipment, elixirs, enchantments, and gems. Many items and recipes that grant resilience rating are PvP rewards.


Resilience was introduced with World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade as part of the new combat rating system. Previously, no such resilience mechanic existed — as a result, resilience rating only appears on items available to players over level 60, with some rare exceptions. Formerly, resilience reduced the damage taken from critical strikes and spell critical strikes, reduced the chance of suffering a critical strike, and reduced the effect of mana drain spells. Each point of resilience would give a player about 1% less chance to be critically struck.

Just before the release of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, Patch 4.0.1 made a dramatic change to resilience. Resilience no longer reduced the chance to receive a critical strike. Each point of resilience provides about 0.01% damage reduction against all damage done by players and their pets or minions.


Resilience currently follows a linear return. Where y represents the damage reduction percentage, and x represents the amount of resilience, the linear formulas is as followed:

 y = 0.01050120510299x + 0.000605956904 

For example, damage is reduced by 15.75% when 1500 resilience is equipped:

 15.75241361 = 0.01050120510299(1500) + 0.000605956904

The resilience formula was changed in Patch 4.1.0. Resilience is now not linear and no longer offers increasing returns.

And formulas for 4.1 is:

 y = 1 - 0.99 ^ ( x / 79.12785 )

Resilience Cap

The resilience cap is currently 9523. Equipping 9523 resilience will provide 100% damage reduction. Having more than 9523 resilience equipped is overkill and provides absolutely no benefit. However, equipping this amount of resilience is currently impossible. In Patch 4.1.0, diminishing returns on resilience will provide a real resilience cap.


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