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Basic Knowlege

The Remnadin is a talent spec that stretches across the three tree talents of the paladin; Holy, Protection and Retribution. It is structured for survival, to outlast opponents against the environment and other players. Remnadin has much more meaning than it sounds. "Remna" standing for Remnant and "adin" from Paladin.

Simply put, a Remnadin is a talent spec that will allow easy access to being a tank, healer and a decent opponent in combat of PVP, solo or raids. Its purpose is to keep you alive thus allowing you to keep others alive. The Remnadin spec has been called "Unique" by several High-End Paladins that have reviewed the spec.

This is a great spec for both beginners and veterans.

Holy Tree

-Divine Intellect or Divine Strength rank 5/5 (Tier 1)-

Description: Increases your Intellect or Strength by 10%

Author's Note: It is necessary when starting to spec in the Holy tree, that you pick either Divine Intellect/Strength. Either one can make battles significantly shorter and faster. 10% extra mana or strength is never a bad buff to have.

-Spiritual Focus rank 5/5 (Tier 2)-

Description: Gives your Flash of Light and Holy Light spells a 70% chance to not lose casting time when you take damage.

Author's Note: This is the next level of the holy spec in which you want to place talent points. 70% to avoid disruption while casting can save your life and prevent you from wiping in places like Upper Black Rock Spire. Also, an excellent talent for world pvp or battlegrounds to keep you from dying.

-Consecration rank 1/1 (Tier 3)-

Description: %* Mana. Instant cast. 8 Second Cool Down. Consecrates the land beneath the Paladin, doing %* Holy damage over 8 sec to enemies who enter the area. %* Based on Spell rank.

Author's Note: A must-have in the Holy tree spec. It is the only AoE (Area of Effect) that a paladin has. It is holy-based, like almost all of the Paladin's abilities, and is great for dealing damage to an enemy slowly through DoT (Damage over Time) and great for PVP (causes stealthed Rogues to be knocked out of stealth due to damage).

Protection Tree

-Improved Devotion Aura rank 5/5 (Tier 1)-

Description: Increases the armour bonus of your Devotion Aura by 25%.

Author's Note: One of the Paladin's most beneficial auras is the Devotion Aura. It increases your overall natural defence and that of nearby party members. Extra armour is never a bad thing, since it keeps you alive and makes the agony of resurrection less painful with its downtime.

-Toughness rank 5/5 (Tier 2)-

Description: Increases your armour value from items by 10%.

Author's Note: You may be thinking that, "only 10%?", but that's more than 0%. For survival any extra defence is important, since Paladins are gear-dependent, and this ability adds to resistance to damage. Consequently, being a tank is easier, and at higher levels you can compete with armour rating versus a Warrior's defence rating.

-Blessing of Kings rank 1/1 (Tier 3)-

Description: %* Mana. 30 yd range. Instant cast. Places a Blessing on the friendly target, increasing total stats by %* for 5 min. Players may only have one Blessing on them per Paladin at any one time. %* Based on Spell rank.

Author's Note: Probably the most desirable Blessing in the Paladin's arsenal. It increases the stats of everything by a certain percentage (based on spell rank). At higher levels, this ability can become a Greater Blessing. You will be highly desirable in groups for this Blessing and players will want to bring you along to (for example) Upper Black Rock Spire.

-Anticipation rank 5/5 (Tier 3)-

Description: Increases your Defence skill by 10.

Author's Note: The armour skill stops at 300, which is the max for any skill; however, with Anticipation your armour rating can reach 310, which is better than any other class. You shall have both the advantage of a higher armour rating and become a much better tank for surviving a barrage of beatings.

-Improved Hammer of Justice rank 3/3 (Tier 4)-

Description: Decreases the cooldown of your Hammer of Justice spell by 15 sec..

Author's Note: The only stun ability not requiring talent speccing is Hammer of Justice. Placing a talent point in this does justice (pun intended) to your overall combat scheme. Faster stuns can save you enough time to heal, stop casting, remove the enemy from combat or allow you to flee quicker. The faster you gain this incredible ability, the better you shall fight.

Retribution Tree



There are two separate ways that your talent points can be placed into the Retribution talent tree. It is up to you which you choose since both are great specs - one is Combat Survival and the other is Punish Survival. The only difference is the first two tiers in the Retribution talent tree.

Combat Survival-Improved Blessing of Might rank 5/5 (Tier 1)-

Description: Increases the Attack Power bonus of your Blessing of Might by 20%.

Author's Note: Blessing of Might is desired by Warriors, Rogues or any class that wants to do melee DPS (Damage Per Second). Increased damage will make combat go faster and reduce its downtime.

-Deflection rank 5/5 (Tier 2)-

Description: Increases your Parry chance by 5%.

Author's Note: Parries allow your weapon to take damage for you and, when in the heat of battle, it can help out like no other. This ability is a must for surviving solo.

Talent Calculator

Here is a link to a Remnadin build.

Playing as a Healer

Many Paladins will admit that healing is an essential part of playing the class. The eleven talent points in the Holy tree allow you to be a more efficient healer when playing either a primary or secondary healer.

The way to play this simple role is to know the basics. First, you must identify among your party the members who will take on the most damage and the least damage and then you must buff them appropriately. Warriors or other tanks will attempt to, and succeed in, taking the aggro, thus they need the most healing; however, classes like rogues or mages will draw attention because of their massive DPS output. Below is a list of Blessings "required" to be a healer. A '+' before and after a blessing means that it is the recommended blessing; you shall want to give them these blessings unless they request another.

Warrior- +Blessing of Light+ (increases the amount of holy healing power) or Blessing of Kings (increases all stats by a percentage).

Rogue- +Blessing of Salvation+ (reduces threat by a percentage) or Blessing of Might (increases attack power).

Mage- +Blessing of Salvation+ (reduces threat by a percentage) or Blessing of Wisdom (increases mana regeneration by a percentage).

Priest- +Blessing of Salvation+ (reduces threat by a percentage) or Blessing of Wisdom (increases mana regeneration by a percentage).

Druid- Highly depends on spec or overall shapeshift form. Any will work.

Paladin- Anything, usually won't have to give them a Blessing.

Warlock- +Blessing of Salvation+ (reduces threat by a percentage) or Blessing of Wisdom (increases mana regeneration by a percentage).

Hunter- +Blessing of Might+ (increases attack power) or Blessing of Kings (increases all stats by a percentage).