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  • Purple Lotus
  • Item Level 42Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Sell Price: 3s

Purple Lotus

Purple Lotus is a Herb that can be gathered by Herbalists.

Purple Lotus is one of the four types of Lotus and the most common of the four types. Visually, it appears to be a purple flower and a little bit of white/green near the ground.


Purple Lotus can typically be found around troll, night elf and titan ruins in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. Sometimes when picking a Purple Lotus, you will also find a Wildvine. Requires 210 Herbalism to gather.

Pickable Zones:

Purple Lotus as an Ingredient

Purple Lotus is used in the following recipes:


  • Magic Resistance Potion
  • Elixir of Greater Water Breathing
  • Wildvine Potion
  • Inv misc orb 01.png [Philosopher's Stone]
  • Dreamless Sleep Potion
  • Elixir of Dream Vision



As quest objective

  • H [60] The Horde Needs Purple Lotus!
  • A [60] The Alliance Needs Purple Lotus!

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