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Priestess of the tides is the naga priest variant class. They are potent spellcasters. Informally, they bear the name "sea witch". They are naga who revere their queen, Azshara. It is their faith in her and in naga superiority which grants them power. They wield the freezing cold of the arctic north; they command the fury of ocean storms. They also draw upon their race's arcane legacy to protect themselves. Most priestesses of the tides are females. The occasional male naga joins their ranks; however, these are vanishingly rare, as most male naga don't have the intelligence (or spirit) to make spellcasting a viable pursuit. Male naga who join these ranks are called priests of the tides.[1]

Worship of the tides stems from the naga's history as kaldorei. It is symbolic of their transformation from night elves into waterborne naga, as the tides are caused by the revolution of the moons around Azeroth. Azshara, the demigoddess of the naga, was originally honored alongside the kaldorei moon goddess Elune, and now that she and her people live beneath the ocean, she is worshiped alongside the moons' impact on their world.[citation needed]

The iconic priestess of the tides is a calculating and cunning opponent. She plans her attacks well in advance, and enemies find that other naga support her. She moves among their ranks, frost shimmering at her arrowheads and thunder sounding in the sky.[1]



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