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Power Word: Fortitude
Spell holy wordfortitude.png
  • Power Word: Fortitude
  • 30 yds.  range
  • 0 sec cooldown
  • 27% of base mana
  • Instant cast
  • Increases the target's Stamina by X for 30 min.
Usable by
Cooldown0 sec
Improved Power Word: Fortitude, Mental Agility
Other information
Related buff
Spell holy wordfortitude.png
  • Magic
  • Power Word: Fortitude
  • Increases Stamina by X.
  • Duration: 30 min
Spoken aloud, this word turns flesh to iron, doubt to courage.[1]

Power Word: Fortitude is a Power Word that can be learned from Priest trainers. It grants a friendly target a buff that increases Stamina for 30 minutes.

Rank Level Stamina Increase Cost
1 1 3 10c
2 12 8 8s
3 24 20 50s
4 36 32 1g 40s
5 48 43 2g 80s
6 60 54 4g 60s
7 70 79 6g 50s
8 80 165 18g


Power infuses the target, increasing their Stamina by X for 30 min.

  • In addition to Power Word: Fortitude, there is also Prayer of Fortitude which will grant an identical buff to an entire party for 60 minutes. Although this spell was originally learned from a book that dropped randomly from instances, all but Rank 3 is now trainable from the priest trainer. In addition to an increased mana cost, Prayer of Fortitude requires the reagent Sacred Candle.
  • The mana cost can be reduced by 50% by Glyph of Fortitude.

Talent improvement

The priest talent Improved Power Word: Fortitude increases the amount of stamina granted by this buff by 15/30%, granting a stunning 215 stamina, which provides 2150 health. The effect is even more useful with talents such as Hunter vs. Wild.

Another priest talent, Mental Agility, reduces the cost of instant spells such as this one by 4/7/10%.


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