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Human paladin warrior

The paladin warrior does not battle “evil” in the general sense. This prestige class is for those select holy warriors who defend Azeroth from the advance of undead and demons specifically. While the presence of evil is reprehensible to a paladin warrior, destruction and entropy are his true enemies. Above all else, a paladin warrior vows to uphold his faith in the Holy Light. Empowered by the Light, these mighty warriors brandish weapons and holy fire in battle against all who would trample the meek and innocent. Paladin warriors universally belong to the Knights of the Silver Hand.

Initiates must seek out a paladin warrior for training and initiation. Typically, the paladin warrior assigns the supplicant a quest to accomplish that will certainly be a tremendous challenge to achieve.[citation needed]

The most experienced paladin warriors become epic paladin warriors.



The paladin warrior prestige class was eliminated from the World of Warcraft RPG and replaced with the paladin core class.[citation needed]