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Non-instanced dungeons, also known as elite areas, and "half dungeons", are areas in a non-instanced zone full of elite mobs. These usually require a group to complete and are often the focus of elite quests.

Non-instanced dungeons, by zone:

  • Alterac Mountains: Ruins of Alterac
  • Arathi Highlands: Stromgarde Keep, The Tower of Arathor
  • Ashenvale: Bough Shadow
  • Azshara: Lake Mennar
  • Badlands: Lethlor Ravine, The Maker's Terrace
  • Blasted Lands: The Dark Portal, The Tainted Scar
  • Burning Steppes: Draco'dar, Terror Wing
  • Dustwallow Marsh: Alcaz Island, Wyrmbog
  • Eastern Plaguelands: Tyr's Hand
  • Feralas: Dream Bough, Isle of Dread, Oneiros
  • Hillsbrad Foothills: Dun Garok, Purgation Isle
  • Loch Modan: Mo'grosh Stronghold
  • Redridge Mountains: Stonewatch
  • Searing Gorge: Firewatch Ridge
  • Silithus: Hive'Ashi, Hive'Regal, Hive'Zora
  • Silverpine Forest: Pyrewood Village
  • Stonetalon Mountains: The Talon Den
  • Stranglethorn Vale: Mosh'Ogg Ogre Mound
  • Swamp of Sorrows: Sorrowmurk
  • Tanaris: Land's End Beach, Sandsorrow Watch, Valley of the Watchers
  • The Hinterlands: Jintha'Alor, Seradane
  • Un'Goro Crater: Terror Run
  • Western Plaguelands: Hearthglen
  • Wetlands: Dragonmaw Gates, Dun Modr
  • Winterspring: Darkwhisper Gorge, Frostwhisper Gorge, Mazthoril