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Title <Disciple of Naralex>
Gender Male
Race Tauren (Humanoid)
Level 20 Elite
Location Wailing Caverns
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Muyoh is a level 20 elite tauren who is friendly to all players regardless of the player's faction. Pre-Cataclysm, he did not have a name and was just called Disciple of Naralex.

Muyoh is one who has remained uncorrupted (it seems that there are no tauren among the ranks of the Druids of the Fang) within the Wailing Caverns. Once you enter the instance, he is the first thing you'll meet. He informs you that Naralex has gone to sleep. Naralex's dreams then became nightmares, which is the cause of so many deviate creatures appearing in the Wailing Caverns. However, he can't wake up Naralex and end his nightmare until the four Fanglords are defeated. Thus, he asks you to eliminate the four leaders of the corrupted druids.

See Wailing Caverns NPCs.


  • Spell nature regeneration.png  Mark of the Wild—Increases the friendly target's armor by 65 and all attributes by 2 for 30 min.
  • Spell holy heal.png  Druid's Potion—Uses a Holy elixir to heal the caster for 298 to 402.
  • Spell nature sleep.png  Sleep—Puts the enemy target to sleep for up to 30 sec. Any damage caused will awaken the target. Only one target can be asleep at a time.
  • Spell shadow lifedrain.png  Serpentine Cleansing—Banishes the spirits of the slain Fanglords. 30 sec. cast.


Naralex sleeps again!

Long ago, Naralex journeyed to this cavern with the honorable goal of entering the Emerald Dream and regrowing the Barrens into a lush forest. His focus waned and his thoughts became tainted by serpentine visions.

Now, reptilian beasts seep from his dreams to the land. He must be awoken from the nightmare of he will be forever lost, and a great evil unleashed.

Only after his corrupted servants, the Fanglords, have been slain can I preform the awakening ritual.

Disciple of Naralex says: I must make the nescessary preparations before the awakening ritual can begin. You must protect me!
Disciple of Naralex says: These caverns were once a temple of promise for regrowth in the Barrens. Now, they are the halls of nightmares.
Disciple of Naralex says: Come. We must continue. There is much to be done before we can pull Naralex from his nightmare.
Disciple of Naralex says: Within this circle of fire I must cast the spell to banish the spirits of the slain Fanglords.
Disciple of Naralex says: Deal with this Deviate Viper! I need to prepare to awake Naralex!
Disciple of Naralex says: The caverns have been purified. To Naralex's chamber we go!
Disciple of Naralex says: Beyond this corridor, Naralex lies in fitful sleep. Let us go awaken him before it is too late.
Disciple of Naralex says: Protect me brave souls as I delve into the Emerald Dream to rescue Naralex and put an end to this corruption!
Disciple of Naralex begins to preform the awakening ritual on Naralex.
Naralex tosses fitfully in troubled sleep.
Disciple of Naralex says: Attacked! Help get this Deviate Moccasin off of me!
Naralex writhes in agony. The Disciple seems to be breaking through.
Disciple of Naralex says: Deal with this Nightmare Ectoplasm! I need to prepare to awake Naralex!
Naralex dreams up a horrendous vision. Something stirs beneath the murky waters.
Naralex yells: I AM AWAKE, AT LAST!
Disciple of Naralex says: At last! Naralex awakes from the nightmare.


Muyoh is a Night Elf with Tauren and Night Elf Druid disciples who were working to regenerate the Barrens to its earlier, lusher past. One day he went to sleep inside the Wailing Caverns and appears to have tried to contact the Emerald Dream. However, something went wrong, and his dreams became nightmares, corrupting the Wailing Caverns and many of his followers. Known as Druids of the Fang, in their corrupted forms they can transform into serpents and are determined to prevent anybody from waking up Naralex and ending his nightmare.

Escort tactics

If you've dispatched all four Fanglords, be ready to head back to the entrance of the dungeon and tell Muyoh that you're ready to awaken the sleeping Druid. You are now on an escort event. You will need to defend him against 2 raptors at the first turn and against an onslaught of vipers once he reaches the circle of torches.

He will finally arrive at Naralex's chamber and will begin the ritual of awakening. This will take a long time so don't panic if you seem to be standing around with nothing happening. You will be facing the final gauntlet of the instance — so stay ready and make sure you have all buffs on and potion timers ready, because this is a tough fight if you're in your low 20's.

You will be facing several waves of incoming mobs trying to stop the ritual from being completed. The first wave consists of 3 level 20 elite Deviate Moccasins. The second wave consists of many level 20 non-elite slimes. The final wave is a gargantuan level 22 elite murloc named Mutanus the Devourer. If you manage to defeat this boss, Naralex awakens, all the monsters and Druids of the Fang in the Wailing Caverns disappear, Naralex and his tauren disciple transform into owls and fly away.

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