Vanilla WoW Wiki
Race High elf
Character class Mage
Location Unknown

Maith'hal is a high elf mage and a member of the Alliance. He owns a staff of arcane missiles. It is simply a quarterstaff combined with a wand of arcane missile. He has much knowledge of the planes and arcana, and is able to decipher scripts. His knowledge of spells includes; detect magic, light, burning hands, protection from evil, frost armor, and mana burn. He was once hired by Molus Blackburn (who had been in disguise) to break into the lair of the necromancer Toren Snapjoint and destroy him. She was hired along with fellow Alliance members, including Widge Whistlevalve, Botrek Pahno, Cerise Moonrain, Jarlath Brewbelly, and Yinny. After battling Toren, his acolytes and his undead servants in the necromancer's cave, Molus entered the cave no longer disguised, and with some hired muscle. He attacked the weakened heroes, however Maith'hal and the other heroes managed to defeat him after a tough fight.[1]


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