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INV Misc WartornScrap Chain.png Mail armor (Some times called Chain Mail) is a type of armor that consists of small metal rings fashion together to form a mesh, which is then fashioned in to coverings for the various parts of the body.

A mail piece designed to cover the chest is traditionally called a hauberk, haubergeon or byrnie depending on its length. Leggings may be referred to as chausses, Hoods are coifs, and hand items mittons.

Mail is worn by warriors and paladins below level 40, as well as hunters and shamans above level 40. At level 40, both warriors and paladins gain access to plate armor.

Some mail armor sets:

  • Chain of the Scarlet Crusade - Ideal for Levels 30-40
  • The Elements - A level 60 Shaman specific set
  • Gronnstalker's Armor - The tier 6 hunter set

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