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  • Mageweave Cloth
  • Item Level 40Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Sell Price: 2s 50c
  • Vendor 10s

A fine cloth woven with magic.


Mageweave Cloth is dropped from any number of mid- to high-level humanoids.

Mageweave Cloth as an ingredient

Mageweave Cloth is used in the following recipes:


  • Heavy Mithril Gauntlet
  • Ornate Mithril Gloves
  • Mithril Coif
  • Dazzling Mithril Rapier



  • Nightscape Shoulders

First Aid

  • Mageweave Bandage
  • Heavy Mageweave Bandage


  • Bolt of Mageweave

Mageweave Cloth as a quest item

Mageweave Cloth is needed for the following quests:

Hand in 60 Mageweave Cloth to a faction quartermaster to gain Reputation.

Places to farm

  • Lvl. 30-39: Hillsbrad Foothills: Syndicate thieves, fairly low drop rate.
  • Lvl. 32-42: Scarlet Monastery mobs drop Mageweave at rate of roughly 5%.
  • Lvl. 32-38: Boulderfist ogres in Arathi Highlands, drop rate of roughly 10%.
  • Lvl. 40+: The Hinterlands, Quel'Danil Lodge is full of elves that Horde can farm from; Alliance can go further east to fight Witherbark and Vilebranch trolls in places such as Jintha'Alor. Note: The Vilebranch trolls are non-elite since patch 2.3 and have a very high drop rate for Mageweave.
  • Lvl. 35-40: Stranglethorn Vale The Venture Co. Shredders drop Mageweave fairly reliably.
  • Lvl. 40-47: Badlands subzone Camp Kosh is a good location to farm Mageweave Cloth. The Dustbelcher Trainee, Initiate, and Instructor drop it fairly frequently.
  • Lvl. 44-47: Dunemaul Ogres in the mid- to southwest of Tanaris. Wastewander bandits East of Gadgetzan. Also, the pirate camps on the southern coastal area occasionally drop Mageweave.
  • Lvl. 44-47: Deadwood Furbolgs in southern Felwood; they drop 1-4 Mageweave off of 33% of the furbolg kills, as well as nice green drops without a lot of junk. The furbolgs are normal, rather than elite, so die much faster, and respawn very quickly. This is superior to other locations, and generates Timbermaw rep at the same time. Unfortunately, this is also well known, and mass farming there is common, which can make it difficult for lower-level toons. Note that only the southern furbolgs drop Mageweave; the northern furbolgs drop Runecloth.
  • Lvl. 47-50: Deadwood furbolgs in southern Felwood drop Mageweave at a very good rate.
  • Lvl 48+ Horde can farm Garrison Armory and even Nethergarde Keep itself in Blasted Lands for a drop rate upwards of 200%.
  • If you have a high level, Zul'Farrak is also a great place to farm Mageweave.


  • Mageweave has magical properties that prevent it from getting wet, catching fire or taking any form of physical or magical damage.[citation needed] Mageweave is expensive because of this, it is on par with Titansteel and Elementium.[citation needed]

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