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Life Tap
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  • Life Tap
  • None cooldown
  • Instant cast
  • Converts X health into X mana. Spell power increases amount of mana returned.
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When the dark arts call for flesh, you can only trust your own.[1]

Life Tap is a Warlock spell that converts health into mana. It is somewhat of a signature ability of the Warlock.


Life Tap is available at level 5 for 1s 35c.

Level Health cost Mana gain (converted health)
1 - -
2 - -
3 - -
4 - -
5 15 % 120 %
6 15 % 120 %
7 15 % 120 %
8 15 % 120 %
9 15 % 120 %
note: ingame tooltips show incorrect values post patch 3.3.3


This spell has a big impact on how to play Warlocks.

A Warlock in a party with a healer can boost his or her mana if the healer agrees. Note that the self-inflicted damage will rank low on the healers priority list - after the tank, and party members taking aggro.

Between fights, use Life Tap to bring your life and mana even. This way, you will regenerate both hp and mana at the same time, and will decrease your downtime.

While Life Tap will allow you to continue casting, it does trigger your GCD, reducing your overall DPS, and should be used sparingly. Coupled with a [Glyph of Life Tap], Life Tap should be used roughly once every 40 seconds, or when moving.

Life Tap does not generate aggro. When used with the [Glyph of Life Tap], it should be cast before the mobs are pulled so as to minimize cast time lost to GCD.


  • Life Tap does not generate any threat.
  • The health cost can be reduced by the 8-set bonus of the Plagueheart Raiment.

Patch changes

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