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Junkboxes are one type of loot that a rogue can pickpocket from a monster. The type of junkbox (and the money/loot contained within) will improve with the monster in question's level.

Junkboxes (from Pickpocket)
Item Level Item Mob Level Lockpicking Skill Character Level
20 Inv box 01.png [Battered Junkbox] 22-32 1 20
30 Inv box 01.png [Worn Junkbox] 32-42 70 20
40 Inv box 03.png [Sturdy Junkbox] 42-52 175 35
50 Inv box 03.png [Heavy Junkbox] 52-60 250 50

Battered Junkboxes

Battered Junkboxes are the first junkboxes that rogues will encounter on their pickpocketing spree. These usually contain no more than a few copper and an item of mundane or Vendor Trash worth, i.e. a Pocket Watch or Frayed Knot, though they may occasionally contain minerals or a Healing potion or a Poison for use on the Rogue's weapons.

Worn Junkboxes

Worn Junkboxes found on 30+ mobs are noticeably more valuable. From the mobs in the Desolace zone, these junkboxes contain rogue poisons, ability materials, Healing Potions, and a higher money content.