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James Vishas
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation The Scarlet Crusade
Occupation Chief Interrogator of the Scarlet Monastery
Location Scarlet Monastery
Status Killable; Alive (Old Hillsbrad Foothills)
Relative(s) Grandpa Vishas (possibly father), Nancy (wife)
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Interrogator James Vishas is a level 32 elite human found in the Graveyard wing of the Scarlet Monastery.


James Vishas is the Scarlet Crusade's lead interrogator at the Scarlet Monastery. He enjoys torturing any captured undead and takes great pride in his work. Vishas is known for his unrelenting sadism, cruel expertise, and high pitched voice.

Interrogator Vishas has tortured Vorrel Sengutz for weeks. Vishas took Sengutz's wedding ring and gave it to his own wife, Nancy Vishas. Nancy lives with Grandpa Vishas, who is presumably James' father, although it is not mentioned, at a cottage on the eastern coast of Lordamere Lake in the Alterac Mountains.



Aggro:Tell me... tell me everything!

At 75% health: Naughty secrets!

[Demonic] ORah laz lok belaros ante rikk modas

At 25% health: I'll rip the secrets from your flesh!

Kill: Purged by pain!


Vishas as a child in Caverns of Time: Old Hillsbrad

Interestingly, Nancy Vishas mentions "Sidney" being late in a scripted sequence at the Vishas home in the Alterac Mountains. Presumably this was meant to refer to Interrogator Vishas. However, with the advent of the Burning Crusade expansion and the appearance of his younger self in the Old Hillsbrad Foothills, it is implied that Vishas' first name is Jimmy (variation of James).

The names Sidney and Nancy Vishas are a reference to Sid Vicious and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen.


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