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  • Jade
  • Item Level 35Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Sell Price: 7s

Jade is a mineral.


Jade can be found in Gold Veins, Tin Veins and Iron Deposits everywhere. It is also a reward from the quest Find Agmond. It is also dropped from the elite mobs in Dun Modr. (As of patch 2.3, the elite tag has been removed from Dun Modr mobs.)

Prospecting Tin Ore (low chance) or Iron Ore can also yield Jade.

Jade as an ingredient

Jade is used in the following recipes:


  • Frost Tiger Blade
  • Golden Scale Cuirass
  • Green Iron Hauberk
  • Jade Serpentblade
  • The Shatterer


  • Accurate Scope
  • Inv misc spyglass 02.png [Discombobulator Ray]
  • Gnomish Battle Chicken
  • Gnomish Cloaking Device
  • Gnomish Shrink Ray
  • Green Lens


  • Golden Dragon Ring
  • Jade Pendant of Blasting
  • The Jade Eye
  • Golden Ring of Power
  • Figurine - Jade Owl


  • Gem-studded Leather Belt
  • Ironfeather Breastplate
  • Ironfeather Shoulders


  • Dreamweave Circlet

Jade as a quest objective

Jade is needed for the following quest:

  • Items of Power

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