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Golshire Inn, Elywnn Forest

An inn is usually a building with an innkeeper NPC that serves as a binding point for a [Hearthstone]. In smaller villages and towns, an inn is typically a separate building with some sort of sleeping arrangements (bed, hammock, alcove, etc.), but can also serve other purposes (tavern, trainer building, etc.). Inns also have special music playing inside.

Inns also usually serve as rest areas. Most have a mailbox and a Stable Master outside.

Design and variation of inns

Inns come in a variety of styles and layout. Broadly speaking, each race has its own distinctive inn layout. For example, night elven inns tend to be large and spacious. In the original WoW, inns were comfortable, welcoming places. The inns in The Burning Crusade often seemed poorly equipped and bare in comparison, with some not even having a chair let alone a bed. This may be due to the fact that many of the settlements are temporary or of refugee status. In Wrath of the Lich King, happily, there are some newly designed and large luxurious inns, a welcome return to the feel of the original game.


Fort Wildervar Inn, Howling Fjord

Valgarde Inn, Howling Fjord

Poor accommodations at an inn amount to a place on the floor near the hearth, plus the use of a blanket. Common accommodations are a place on a raised, heated floor, the use of a blanket and a pillow, and the presence of a higher class of company. Good accommodations are a small, private room with one bed, some amenities and a covered chamber pot in the corner.[1]

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