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Hunter Agility Points (or "HAP"; sometimes known as Hunter Agility Equivalency Points or HAEP), is a system used to determine a ranged / point value for melee weapons to benefit hunters. It is derived from AEP (Agility Equivalence Points).

AEP is generally used for rogues, but can be used to calculate hunter gear as well. For melee weapons, you can ignore the DPS factor.

Since the math is significantly different from AEP, and does not include weapon DPS, it was called HAP for reference.

Hunter Agility Points

  • 1 Agility = 1.5 Stamina = 1 Intellect = 1 Critical rating = 1 Hit rating = 1 Ranged skill rating = 2.5 RAP = 2 AP = 0,125 Sockets
    = 0.417 MP/5
    [citation needed]
  • 8 Agility = 12 Stamina = 8 Int = 8 Critical rating = 8 Hit rating = 8 Ranged skill rating = 20 RAP = 16 AP = 1 Empty socket
    = 3.33 MP/5
    [citation needed]

Beastmaster Talent Specialization

For a beastmaster, higher critical chance and attack power also buff your pet by a larger amount.

Marksman Talent Specialization

For a marksman, intellect gives you a bonus to attack power and should be given a higher value.

Survival Talent Specialization

For a survivalist, agility is worth extra due to the expose weakness talent.

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