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High Priest Thel'danis
Gender Male
Race(s) High elf or Highborne(presumed)
Character class Priest
Affiliation Alliance
Occupation Guardian of Uther's Tomb.
Location Uther's Tomb in the Western Plaguelands
Status Alive
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High Priest Thel'danis is level 58 quest giver located at Uther's Tomb in the contested territory of Western Plaguelands.

Thel’danis, a high elf priest, tends the tomb of Uther and the lonely garden surrounding it. He helps those in need and runs an underground railroad to ferry refugees to safety in the south. The priest cures wounds and offers simple fare to the weary.[1]

He starts the quest N Paladin [52] Inert Scourgestones.

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This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Thel'danis is a high elf with the appearance of a night elf. He might be half-night elf half-high elf or half-night elf; this would explain his unique look and why he worships the Light. He may be Highborne as later RPG books imply that high elves may still consider themselves "Highborne".[citation needed] It is possible he was simply retconned into being a night elf priest or the more likely case that his model was not updated from pre-Burning Crusade, when all in game high elves and blood elves used modified night elf models because no other suitable model was available at the time.


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