Vanilla WoW Wiki
Gender Male
Race Night elf
Character class Druid
Location Unknown
Status Deceased (presumed)

Heralath was a night elf druid who was seeking to examine the rumors of the fallen boar god Agamaggan, and to discover the source of corruption of Razorfen Kraul. He believed that the great boar skull of Razorfen Kraul was the place where the great boar god fell battling the Burning Legion during the War of the Ancients. As he fell, his massive body flattened the land, twisted spires of thorns growing where his blood fell. Believing that Agamaggan was a pure god, he found it a mystery why the foul quilboar creatures and the malignant thorns were scarring the land.

Sometime during his travel he was captured by quilboars of the Razorfen tribe, whipped repeatedly by the foul creatures and thrown inside a crudely crafted hut. Sometime later the quilboars had caught the dwarf Henrig Lonebrow, who was sent by the Explorers' League to Kalimdor in order find fossils that would piece together the story of what was believed to be an ancient god, but was captured by quilboars during his journey.

Heralath was suffering from grave wounds and slipped in and out of consciousness; his condition worsening as he looked as pale as a bone and his fever growing by the minute. Speaking with pained anguish, he gave Henrig a clear message: if Henrig was to escape his doom in Razorfen Kraul, he would give word to Falfindel Waywarder in Thalanaar that Charlga Razorflank was rousing minions in the southern Barrens, her power growing with each day. The Crone had to be stopped before the plague of corruption could spread from the Kraul. Henrig planned to escape Razorfen Kraul and head towards Thousand Needles, then west to Thalanaar at the border of Feralas.

It is unknown what happened to Heralath after Henrig planned to execute his escape, but he most likely died from his grave wounds.

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