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  • Heavy Grinding Stone
  • Item Level 25Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Sell Price: 1s


This item is created with Blacksmithing (125).

Materials required
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3x Heavy Stone

Heavy Grinding Stone as a Quest Objective

This item is an objective of the following quests:

  • N [-1] Heavy Grinding Stone.
  • Grinding Stones for the Guard
  • Heavy Grinding Stone(Repeatable) Requires Heavy Grinding Stone x7 (Reward: Darkmoon Faire Reputation gain and Darkmoon Faire Prize Ticket x4

Heavy Grinding Stone as an Ingredient

This item is used to make:

  • [Moonsteel Broadsword]
  • [Jade Serpentblade]
  • [Hardened Iron Shortsword]
  • [Solid Iron Maul]
  • [Golden Scale Cuirass]
  • [Green Iron Shoulders]
  • [Golden Scale Coif]
  • [Golden Scale Leggings]
  • [Golden Scale Boots]
  • [Barbaric Iron Boots]
  • [Barbaric Iron Breastplate]
  • [Green Iron Hauberk]
  • [Steel Breastplate]
  • [Golden Iron Destroyer]
  • [Steel Weapon Chain]
  • [Whirling Steel Axes]
  • [Barbaric Iron Shoulders]
  • [Polished Steel Boots]
  • [Golden Scale Gauntlets]
  • [Barbaric Iron Gloves]
  • [Shadow Crescent Axe]
  • [Golden Scale Bracers]
  • [Golden Skeleton Key]
  • [Green Iron Leggings]
  • [Massive Iron Axe]
  • [Truesilver Rod]
  • [Golden Scale Shoulders]
  • [Reforged Blade of Heroes]
  • [Frost Tiger Blade]

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