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  • Heavy Borean Leather
  • Item Level 80Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Sell Price: 22s 50c


Heavy Borean Leather is crafted by leatherworkers with a skill of 390.

Materials required:
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6x [Borean Leather]

Currency for

3 Heavy Borean Leathers can be exchanged for a number of patterns from Braeg Stoutbeard in Dalaran

  • Pattern: Icy Scale Boots
  • Pattern: Icy Scale Belt
  • Pattern: Icy Scale Chestguard
  • Pattern: Polar Boots
  • Pattern: Polar Cord
  • Pattern: Polar Vest
  • Pattern: Stormhide Stompers
  • Pattern: Stormhide Legguards
  • Pattern: Stormhide Belt
  • Pattern: Stormhide Grips
  • Pattern: Stormhide Wristguards
  • Pattern: Stormhide Hauberk
  • Pattern: Stormhide Shoulders
  • Pattern: Stormhide Crown
  • Pattern: Swiftarrow Boots
  • Pattern: Swiftarrow Leggings
  • Pattern: Swiftarrow Belt
  • Pattern: Swiftarrow Gauntlets
  • Pattern: Swiftarrow Bracers
  • Pattern: Swiftarrow Hauberk
  • Pattern: Swiftarrow Shoulderguards
  • Pattern: Swiftarrow Helm
  • Pattern: Overcast Boots
  • Pattern: Overcast Leggings
  • Pattern: Overcast Belt
  • Pattern: Overcast Handwraps
  • Pattern: Overcast Bracers
  • Pattern: Overcast Chestguard
  • Pattern: Overcast Spaulders
  • Pattern: Overcast Headguard
  • Pattern: Eviscerator's Treads
  • Pattern: Eviscerator's Legguards
  • Pattern: Eviscerator's Waistguard
  • Pattern: Eviscerator's Gauntlets
  • Pattern: Eviscerator's Bindings
  • Pattern: Eviscerator's Chestguard
  • Pattern: Eviscerator's Shoulderpads
  • Pattern: Eviscerator's Facemask



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