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Hammer of Wrath
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  • Hammer of Wrath
  • 30 yds.  range
  • 6 secs. cooldown
  • Instant cast
  • Hurls a hammer that strikes an enemy for [X + 0.15 * SPH + 0.15 * AP] to [Y + 0.15 * SPH + 0.15 * AP] Holy damage. Only usable on enemies that have 20% or less health.
Usable by
Cooldown6 secs.
Other information
You cannot run from the divine hand of justice.[1]

Hammer of Wrath is a Holy direct damage paladin spell that flings a hammer crackling with holy power at a wounded enemy.

Rank table

Rank Level Mana Cost Bottom Damage Peak Damage Cost
1 44 12% of base mana 351 387 1g 98s
2 52 12% of base mana 459 507 3g 6s
3 60 12% of base mana 570 628 4g 14s
4 BC 68 12% of base mana 733 809 9g
5 Wrath 74 12% of base mana 878 970 8g 50s
6 Wrath 80 12% of base mana 1139 1257 8g 50s


Glyph of Hammer of Wrath

Glyph of Avenging Wrath

Tips & tricks

  • Nothing is as devastating as running away with a few hundred health only to be tagged with a paladin's Hammer from long range. Paladins may make full use of the Hammer on fleeing targets, as well as mobs and bosses who are in their death throes.
  • There is no minimum range on the Hammer; it can be used at point-blank distance.
  • The attack is resolved as a ranged special-attack that does non-physical damage, similar to a Hunter's Arcane Shot. It can miss, it can be blocked (if the target is facing you), and it does double damage on a crit. Hit Rating and Crit Rating improve your chances of hitting and critting, respectively.

Related equipment

  • The Retribution-centric Tier 6 Paladin Armor Set Lightbringer Battlegear includes a 4-piece set ability that increases the damage dealt by your Hammer of Wrath ability by 10%.

Patch changes

  • Template:Patch 3.0.3
  • Template:Patch 3.0.2
  • Template:Patch 2.3.0
  • Template:Patch 2.2.0
  • Template:Patch 2.1.0
  • Patch 1.7.0 (patch date:2005-09-22): Added. 


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