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The mighty and proud race of gryphons are originally from the Aerie Peak, they have always aided the Alliance in times of need.

With the head and wings of an eagle, and the body of a lion, these proud creatures stand as noble symbols of the Alliance's fortitude. In addition to conveying important documents between the Human, Dwarven, and Gnomish leaders in the regions surrounding Stormwind and Ironforge, the gryphons have also been harnessed for paid transportation along routes throughout Alliance controlled territories.

In order to travel by Gryphon you must first speak to a Gryphon Master at the destination point. By doing so, the location will be added to your list of known Flight Paths. Each Gryphon ride costs a varying amount of gold.

Famous Gryphons

  • Swiftwing
  • Sharpbeak
  • Keenclaw

Also known as Griffin.