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Ghost Wolf
Spell nature spiritwolf.png
  • Ghost Wolf
  • N/A cooldown
  • 6% of base mana
  • 2 sec cast
  • Turns the Shaman into a Ghost Wolf, increasing speed by 40%. As a Ghost Wolf, the Shaman is less hindered by effects that would reduce movement speed.
Usable by
Improved Ghost Wolf
Other information
Related buff
Spell nature spiritwolf.png
  • Magic
  • Ghost Wolf
  • Increases movement speed by 40%. Effects that reduce movement speed may not bring you below your normal movement speed.

Howling in the middle of a foggy night...

Ghost Wolf transforms the shaman into the form of a ghost wolf, increasing movement speed by 40%.

Rank Table

Level Cost
16 23s

Things you can do in Ghost Wolf form

  • Move 40% faster (The Enchant Boot - Minor Speed enchant has no effect on Ghost Wolf speed)
  • Attack with a bite attack (damage and attack speed depend on what weapon the shaman has equipped) even if you have 1 weapon skill in wolf form you will have full skill.
  • Become hard to see by other players (though this won't affect aggressive mobs).
  • Your ability to loot, skin, and gather herbs remains usable.
  • Carry the flag in Warsong Gulch.
  • Do a silly dance! (/dance)


  • Improved Ghost Wolf will reduce the cast time of your Ghost Wolf by 1 or 2 seconds. Fully talented, this will make your Ghost Wolf spell instant cast.
  • Glyph of Ghost Wolf allows your Ghost Wolf form to regenerate an additional 1% of your maximum health every 5 sec.

Tips and Tactics

  • Ghost Wolf regenerating 1% of your maximum health every 5 sec.
  • Ghost Wolf is treated as a magical buff and thus can be dispelled by priests, hunters, a felhunter, or another shaman.
  • Ghost Wolf can be spellstolen by a mage, though the mage won't take the morph effect, he/she will just dispel the buff.
  • Ghost Wolf doesn't make you immune to Polymorph. Some players still believe it does.
  • Ghost Wolf changes your type to Beast.
  • There are four PvP rewards which further increase the speed by +15% speed when in ghost wolf form. (will not work for players above level 60)
    • General's Mail Boots
    • Marshal's Mail Boots
    • Blood Guard's Mail Greaves
    • Knight-Lieutenant's Mail Greaves
  • If Rockbiter Weapon has been cast prior to becoming a wolf and the shaman keeps that weapon equipped, it will significantly increase the damage done with each bite.
  • Ghost Wolf can't be cast in indoor areas.
  • Passive abilities from Weapons and Items and procs are not active.
  • Certain buffs from potions and some spells disappear.
  • Some weapon buffs' effect are not active (like Flametongue Weapon, Windfury Weapon, and Frostbrand Weapon.
  • In Ghost Wolf, your standard Unarmed DPS is reduced.
  • In Ghost Wolf, the caster can't:
    • Cast any spells.
    • Use any skills.
    • Use any non-gathering professions or mining.

Patch changes

  • Template:Patch 4.0.1
  • Template:Patch 3.3.0
  • Patch 1.8.0 (patch date:2005-10-10): Will now correctly have its cast time reduced by Nature's Swiftness. 

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