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In World of Warcraft, friendly can mean a couple of things:

  1. Friendly usually refers a Player, Pet, NPC, Town, or City of the same faction as your character (Alliance or Horde) as opposed to being Neutral or of the other Hostile faction.
    Additional notes:
    • When you click on friendly beasts or NPCs, their name and highlight will be green.
    • Most NPCs in friendly towns, or cities will be friendly.
    • You cannot attack friendly creatures unless you specifically toggle "At War" on in the reputation pane.
    • You can talk to some friendly creatures.
  2. Also the Reputation Level 6000 points below Honored and above Neutral.
    • As of patch 2.3 this reputation level gives a 5% discount.
    • Certain factions in Northrend sell tabards for players who become friendly. These allow the player to gain reputation for that faction while running non-raid instances at level 80.