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Fire Nova
Spell fire sealoffire.png
  • Fire Nova
  • 30 yd  range
  • 10 sec cooldown
  • 22% of base mana
  • Instant cast
  • Causes the shaman's active Fire totem to emit a wave of flames, inflicting X Fire damage to enemies within 10 yards of the totem.
Usable by
Cooldown10 sec
Radius10 yd
[Call of Flame], [Improved Fire Nova], [Elemental Fury], [Elemental Precision]
Other information

Fire Nova is a Shaman ability, added in patch 3.3.0 to replace [Fire Nova Totem]. While the prior [Fire Nova Totem] was considered a Pet and thus would potentially disallow typical kill rewards (loot, exp), the new [Fire Nova] is a direct AOE attack, bypassing any prior pet restrictions. The Shaman Magma Totem and Searing Totem are still considered pets.

This addition to the Shaman's array of damaging attacks now gives the high potential for the Shaman to be considered an AOE farming class. With the usage of the Magma Totem, Thunderstorm, and Chain Lightning, the Shaman now has an impressive array of multi-target damaging spells.

This spell can be modified by the Glyph of Fire Nova which will reduce the cooldown by 3 seconds.

Rank table

Rank Damage Level Cost
1 48 - 56 12 8s
2 102 - 116 22 30s
3 184 - 208 32 80s
4 281 - 217 42 1g 60s
5 396 - 442 52 2g 70s
6 518 - 578 61 3g 40s
7 654 - 730 70 8g 80s
8 755 - 843 75 18g
9 893 - 997 80 18g


The following improve the Fire Nova Spell:

  • [Call of Flame] Increases damage by 5/10/15%.
  • [Improved Fire Nova] Increases damage by 10/20% and decreases cooldown by 2/4 seconds.
  • [Elemental Fury] Increases critical strike damage by 20/40/60/80/100%.
  • [Elemental Precision] Decreases threat generated by 10/20/30%.
  • Glyph of Fire Nova Decreases cooldown by 3 seconds.


Highly useful in raid situations usually involving lots of Trash. Shamans can run up with the melee into the group, drop Magma Totem, and then cast Fire Nova. Elemental Shamans which Glyphed Thunderstorm can then drop Thunderstorm combined with a Chain Lightning to pull out some decent AoE Damage.

In boss fights when using more long-term totems such as Flametongue or Totem of Wrath, Fire Nova can still be used to pull out a little extra damage on the boss, but it is not nearly as efficient on the mana, and is probably best used if the Shaman has been Knocked back or is otherwise unable to deal steady damage their usual way.

Patch changes

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