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For the game term, see Elementalist (game term).

Elementalists are spellcasters who focus on the elements, particularly their destructive powers. Elementalists study arcane elemental magic to become more like elementals, which they revere. Elementalists are canny and fervent foes. They are more than willing to die in the service of the Old Gods. Many elementalists belong to the Twilight's Hammer, a strange cult that worships the mysterious Old Gods. All sources say that the Old Gods are evil, that the titans defeated them when they first came to Azeroth, and that the elementals, even lords like Ragnaros and Thunderaan, are mere servants of these mighty beings. The Twilight's Hammer seeks to emulate the elementals who once served the Old Gods. Fire and lightning answer the cultists' call. The most exalted members of the Twilight's Hammer become elementalists.[1]

The elementalist — often a Twilight's Hammer cultist — is an arcanist who specializes in several specific elements of his choice (acid, cold, etc.).[2]


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