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  • Cured Thick Hide
  • Item Level 40Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Sell Price: 5s

Cured Thick Hide is created by Leatherworkers. It is used in creating higher-level leather armor, quivers, and ammo bags.


This item is made by Leatherworkers with a skill level of 200.

The components are:

  • 1 Thick Hide
  • 1 Deeprock Salt

The pattern is taught by a trainer.

Note: When you get this recipe at skill 200 it is already grey, buying up thick hides to try for easy skill points will not work.

Cured Thick Hide as an Ingredient

Cured Thick Hide is used in the following recipes:


  • Wild Leather Shoulders, leather shoulders (level 220)
  • Dragonscale Gauntlets, mail gauntlets (level 225)
  • Quickdraw Quiver, quiver (level 225)
  • Thick Leather Ammo Pouch (level 225)
  • Wild Leather Helmet, leather helmet (level 225)
  • Wild Leather Vest, leather chestpiece (level 225)
  • Wolfshead Helm, leather helmet (level 225)
  • Gauntlets of the Sea, leather gauntlets (level 230)
  • Wild Leather Boots, leather boots (level 245)
  • Feathered Breastplate, leather breastplate (level 250)
  • Helm of Fire, leather helmet (level 250)
  • Wild Leather Cloak, cloak (level 250)
  • Wild Leather Leggings, leather leggings (level 250)
  • Dragonscale Breastplate, mail breastplate (level 255)

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