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  • Crippling Poison
  • Classes: Rogue
  • Use: Coats a weapon with poison that lasts for 1 hour.
    Each strike has a 50% chance of poisoning the enemy, slowing their movement speed by 70% for 12 sec.
  • 3 sec cast
You won't escape my blades so easily...

Crippling Poison is a poison that is bought by rogues who then apply it to their weapons. Every time the rogue hits with the weapon, there is a 50% chance of the victim being slowed for 12 seconds.


Crippling Poison is sold by poison vendors.


  • Useful in PvP and instances to slow runners. Using this in your offhand and Shiv makes this very reliable.
  • Only affects movement speed, does not affect attack speed.
  • Crippling Poison, Shiv, and Deadly Throw combined allow a form of kiting.

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