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Crabs are highly armored crustaceans which can most often be found on beaches and in the waters of Azeroth.


Crabs are typically found to be solitary, and tend to wander the water and beaches of the world on their own. They are most often neutral in aspect, as the typical crab is disinterested in the comings and goings of adventurers, unless attacked. They are fully capable of defending themselves against would-be slayers however.


Crabs are considered to be a lower form of omnivorous animal and feed on Bread, Fish, and Fungus; though bread and fungus are almost never accessible to them, so their standard diet consists of fish.

Hunter Pets

Crabs are able to be [tamed] by Hunter Hunters, and have a few advantages to them.

  • Their crustacean carapace provides to high armor values.
  • Their small size makes them good scouts when controlled directly by the hunter.

However they do have trade offs.

  • Low hit point values make them less attractive as a pet for many.
  • They lack any distinct skills.
  • Can be difficult to find the right one.