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A chest is a world object that can typically be found near various humanoid encampments. The contents of the chest vary with its level and apart from a leveled amount of money it will usually be comprised of tradeskill materials, food and drink, or the occasional piece of equipment.

Opening chests takes a bit of time, and chests cannot be opened while in battle. Some chests may be locked, and will need to be opened with a key, an explosive charge made by Engineers, or by a rogue's Lockpicking ability. Opening chests will usually draw aggro from nearby unfriendly and hostile enemies.

Opening a chest without looting it will make it disappear after 5 minutes.[citation needed] The chest will also give experience.

Since Patch 2.1, lootable world objects (such as chests) follow group loot rules, meaning that group members would be able to distribute loot found in chests just as they would on drops from ordinary mobs.

Azeroth chests are traditional treasure chests. In Outland, they are much more subtle.

Common Loot-containing chests
Name Level Range
[Battered Chest] 5+
[Tattered Chest] 5+
[Solid Chest] 10+
[Large Battered Chest] Instances, 15+
[Large Solid Chest] Instances, 18+
[Large Iron Bound Chest] (locked) Instances, 18+
[Large Mithril Bound Chest] (locked) Instances, 39+
[Large Mithril Bound Chest] (locked) Instances, 58+
[Fel Iron Chest] BC Zones
[Bound Fel Iron Chest] (locked) BC Instances, 60+
[Adamantite Bound Chest] BC Zones
[Heavy Fel Iron Chest] BC Zones
[Felsteel Chest] BC Zones
[Solid Fel Iron Chest] BC Instances
[Bound Adamantite Chest] (locked) BC Instances
[Bound Adamantite Chest] (locked) BC Instances
[Solid Adamantite Chest] BC Instances, Heroic
Locked Chests (from Fishing)
Item Level Item Lockpicking Skill Character Level
20 [Small Locked Chest] 1 20
30 [Sturdy Locked Chest] 70 20
45 [Ironbound Locked Chest] 175 35
55 [Reinforced Locked Chest] 250 50
Rare Loot-containing chests Icon Cataclysm 18x18.gif
[Sturdy Treasure Chest]
[Silverbound Treasure Chest]
[Silken Treasure Chest]
[Dark Iron Treasure Chest]

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