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Chain Lightning
Spell nature chainlightning.png
  • Chain Lightning
  • 30 yd range
  • 6 sec cooldown
  • 26% of base mana
  • 2 sec cast
  • Hurls a lightning bolt at the enemy, dealing X to Y Nature damage and then jumping to additional nearby enemies. Each jump reduces the damage by 30%. Affects 3 total targets.
Usable by
Cooldown6 sec
Convection, Concussion, Call of Thunder, Storm Reach, Elemental Focus, Elemental Fury, Elemental Precision, Elemental Mastery, Lightning Mastery, Lightning Overload, Stormstrike, Nature's Guidance, Tidal Mastery, Nature's Swiftness, Nature's Blessing, Storm, Earth and Fire
Other information

Chain Lightning is a shaman spell that deals direct damage to up to 3 targets. Each successive hit deals 30% less damage.

Rank table

Rank Damage Level Cost
1 191-217 32 72s
2 277-311 40 1g 8s
3 378-424 48 1g 98s
4 493-551 56 2g 70s
5 603-687 63 3g 78s
6 734-838 70 7g 92s
7 806-920 74 18g
8 973-1111 80 18g


  • Chain Lightning's initial hit deals 100% of the damage, its second hit 70% and its third hit 49%. In total, Chain Lightning can do up to 219% of its damage.
  • Chain Lightning's initial hit receives 71% of your spell damage. It is not affected by any AoE reduction.
  • All three hits are calculated individually. As such, it possible (and fairly common) that only one or two hits critically hit.

Talent improvement

  • Convection reduces the mana cost of Chain Lightning.
  • Concussion and Nature's Blessing increase Chain Lightning damage.
  • Stormstrike increases damage of your 2 next nature spells by 20%.
  • Call of Thunder and Tidal Mastery increases the spell critical chance of Chain Lightning.
  • Storm Reach increases Chain Lightning range.
  • Elemental Focus grants Clearcasting after landing a critical strike with a Fire, Frost, or Nature damage spell; Clearcasting reduces the mana cost of your next 2 damage spells by 40%.
  • Lightning Overload gives your Chain Lightning spell a chance to cast a second, half damage spell of the same type, at no additional mana cost.
  • Elemental Precision increases chance to hit with spells by 3%.
  • Elemental Mastery - this spell gives you 20% increased critical strike chance with Nature, Frost and Fire spells, and reduces mana cost by 20% for 30 seconds. 3 min cd.
  • Lightning Mastery and Nature's Swiftness reduce Chain Lightning cast time.
  • Storm, Earth and Fire reduces the cooldown of Chain Lightning.

Tips and tactics

  • Chain Lightning has a fairly high chance of triggering Elemental Focus due to hitting multiple targets.
  • Chain Lightning has a high mana cost considering other Elemental offensive spells, so be sure to cast it after Lava Burst when the Clearcasting buff is active.
  • Be careful when using this spell if more mobs are nearby that aren't meant to be aggroed. While Chain Lightning may be more tempting to use for its lower cast time and higher damage output, it can easily cause adds.

Patch changes

  • Template:Patch 2.3.0
  • Patch 1.6.0 (patch date:2005-07-12): Chain spells cast on PvP targets by an unflagged Shaman will now properly bounce to other PvP targets.